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Keep your children entertained and engaged with a variety of sports activities all day long and all indoors. Plus, we’ll provide food for the day, so you can relax knowing your kids are well-fed and having fun. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your child’s summer memorable! Reserve your spot today!

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Our summer camps are designed to improve your athlete’s overall strength and agility while focusing on sport-specific skills and movements. We want your athlete to excel in their sport and ultimately make more rosters, get to varsity sooner and eventually reach the highest level of the sport they want to. It starts now, it starts with our summer camps!




Success is not achieved by sweat alone. Fitness isn’t enough. Superior sports performance requires a whole-athlete approach. The entire Redline environment exists to create an optimal growth zone for improved performance.




Lateral speed, linear speed, change of direction, and footwork are not only essential to improved athletic performance, they are also measurable. We will track each athlete’s progress to motivate and adjust future programming.




Our focus is age-appropriate resistance training that prioritizes proper technique, posture and core strength, and functional movement that apply directly to on-field performance.


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